Welcome to particity!

The term "particity" is an abstract noun and describes a quality measurement of participation. Particity aims to become platform that provides information on want ads and requests for help in the area of social engagement. Particity is open-source and based on the infamous Liferay CMS.


Some of our exciting features for organisations:

  • Visitors can register on site as so called "owners" of an organisation
  • Owners of organisations may edit organisation details and add additional restricted editors
  • Editors and owners of organisations can add want ads (offers/requests for help)
  • Get notifications for new/changed/accepted want ads

Some convincing features for service providers:

  • Moderate requests for new organisations and want ads
  • Export contacts of organisations and newsletter-readers alike
  • Use one click to publish new offers using your Twitter or Facebook account

Some undeniable features for visitors:

  • Find want ads taylored to your needs and interests
  • Stay informed and sign up with your email for a personalized newsletter

On the left you'll see a menu "Project Documentation" where you can find:

  • Project information (dependencies, license, modules)
  • (Aggregated) Project reports (JavaDoc, NCSS metrics, PMD report, browsable sources)